Center Of Hope

The Center of Hope will give the school children of Bayonnais a real building for their classes instead of meeting under trees and in palm-mat shelters. The Center of Hope will give the people of Bayonnais a place for worship and renewal, fellowship and learning, hope and healing. The Center of Hope will give leaders from many parts of Haiti a place to come for training in evangelism, Bible study, church ministry and neighborhood outreach.

Sponsor A Child Today image description The people of Bayonnais have waited eagerly and long for the Center of Hope.

They have pitched in with shovels, hoes and enthusiasm to make it happen. Center of Hope 2Without heavy equipment or power tools, every step of the construction process demands backbreaking, hard labor. The women carry heavy rocks on their heads from the riverbed. The men mix cement by hand and carry it by bucketfuls to pour the foundation, floors and stairs. 

Despite the exhausting, sweaty work, the people labored happily. They knew the tremendous value of their work and wanted to help bring new life to their community. Singing and laughter rang through the trees as their shared dream took shape and slowly became a reality. 

Before the second floor could be constructed, Hurricane Gustav halted the work in August 2008 and caused major erosion. A retaining wall had to be built, adding thousands of dollars to the cost and setting the project back by several years. However, the foundation and unfinished building structure were pronounced sound. 

Eighty men mixed and poured concrete for the second floor working around the clock until completion. All the cement was mixed and carried by hand. Construction crews from the U.S. helped local workers complete the building in the fall of 2011 in preparation for dedication in January 2012. 

More funds are urgently needed to maintain the Center of Hope!


Building Plans

As we watched the Center of Hope take shape through the hard work and support of those involved, it was exciting to be reminded of what we are striving towards.

We hope these plans and 3D model will help serve as an encouraging vision of the work that has already been done. Your generous donations helped turn this project into reality.

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