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GC3 Training comes to Haiti, Nov. 1, 2013


So, you ask, what in the world is GC3? Good question.  GC3 is shorthand for Great Commission Challenge Camps, intensive training to engage young people in the unfinished task of bringing the Gospel to all people everywhere (Matthew 28:19-20). Evangelism Resources, ICDM’s partner in ministry, has seen thousands of young people in India, South Asia, and Africa say yes to the challenge in the past two years. 

GC3 TrainingICDM and ER joined forces in October to bring the GC3 training to Haiti. Nearly 30 delegates from nine regions of the country came together in Bayonnais October 17-19 for Haiti’s first GC3 conference. Under the leadership of ER’s Roland Bowman and ICDM’s Rosemond Pierre, they received three days of intensive training and strong challenge. Pastor Oriel Sterling, director of our School of Evangelism in Cap-Haitien, brought current SOE students, SOE graduates and PBS graduates. Following the lessons, he helped to clarify the teachings and challenge the delegates.

“It was a favorable opportunity for the young leaders to understand why they need to be involved in evangelism and making disciples,” says Pastor Rosemond.  “They returned home with the flame of the Gospel burning in their hearts, encouragement to enter the harvest, and the will to teach other GC3 camps that will take place all over the country.”GC3 water filtration units

Please pray for these delegates as they organize conferences for the young people of their villages, cities and communities. Each of the four men pictured here received a water filter to provide potable water for the camps they will organize.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, October 22-23, Rosemond and Pastor Bowman led an evangelism and discipleship conference at the Church of God House of Refuge in Port-au-Prince. Pastor Bowman gave examples of how a church can reach a whole village in a short time when the whole church is engaged in evangelism and disciple making.

“The church does not have any unemployed people,” he declared. “Everybody can find something to do in the church.”

GC3 churchThe participants asked many questions and returned home eager to be engaged in making disciples.

On Tuesday morning, the two leaders also visited a church led by SOE graduate Bishop Milcent Antoine in Canaan, a new village created following the earthquake of January 2010. There, Pastor Bowman preached a vibrant message, teaching what it takes to make disciples for Christ.  In addition, he taught the GC3 materials to six pastors from the Free Methodist Church South Conference on Friday, October 25.

ICDM is grateful to ER and its leaders for introducing this training to Haiti.