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Ping Pong Comes to Bayonnais!


While still in Haiti on her team’s last visit in 2012, Verna Smith added "new ping pong table" to her project list for 2013.  A few weeks prior to coming to Haiti this year, she asked for a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood to be ready so the table could be built. Armed with a set of good ping pong paddles, a supply of balls and a net, she boarded the plane hoping that ping pong would provide some fun, especially for the older teens.

Team member, Jeff Boyette, oversaw the project.  With a crew of helpers, the plywood was painted "ping pong table green", (which was available since it happens to be one of the new colors being used in the newest building on the compound!)  Others measured, cut and assembled the sturdy frame that would hold the table.  The table was then assembled, the adjustable net was clamped on and the new paddles and balls were brought out.  It was announced that Verna should serve the very first ball.  After that, there was a long line of people waiting to play their first game of ping pong!