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Summer Happenings at Bayonnais


Field Director Rosemond Pierre with team members at water well and purification system in BayonnaisField Director Rosemond Pierre reports that work is progressing on the water well and purification system at Bayonnais. Team members hope to taste the clean water before they leave next Saturday.

English classes with the children are going well, and it’s encouraging to see the students’ enthusiasm and progress. On Wednesday the team will take about 50 students on an outing that will be fun for both team and students. Please pray for safety on this trip, which is made possible because of the school bus provided by friends from Pennsylvania.

Team members are also conducting Sunday Bible classes for the children. “This reminds me,” Rosemond Team members conduct Sunday Bible classes for the childrenrecalls, “that when God called me to start a church in Bayonnais, I used to have just children attending the meetings. Today all of those students have grown and become members of the church.”

Please continue to pray for these teams and others scheduled to arrive during the fall months to complete construction of the Center of Hope by the end of2011. Dedication of the building is planned for January 2012.

To join one of these construction teams, or to volunteer your medical or teaching skills, please contact Yvan Pierre.Team members conduct Sunday Bible classes for the children

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