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Hurricane Isaac Update


When Hurricane Isaac hit Haiti last week, it left great damage and destruction in its wake, particularly in Port-au-Prince where thousands of families were still living in tents since the earthquake of January 2010.  Although the government issued alerts of the coming storm,  people had nowhere to go for shelter. The big wind destroyed their tents and left these vulnerable people exposed to the ravages of wind, rain and sun.   

Other regions of the country also suffered losses as Isaac destroyed crops, killed farm animals and blew the roofs off houses.

In the Bayonnais community, fifteen families lost the roofs of their homes. Other houses were partially or completely destroyed. These are families connected with the ministry of ICDM, families whose children attend our school, and others who are involved in our developmental activities.

In Port-de-Paix, Pastor Demanoy reports that Isaac took the roofs off the homes of 20 families that he personally knows: former PBS graduates, members of his church, and leaders he is working with through the ICDM Leader Training Program. A member of the Ephraim Evangelical Church had to move with her children to the home of a Good Samaritan because the storm destroyed the roof of her house. In Saint-Louis du Nord, Pastor Fayess reports that 15 members of the Mont Sinai Church lost their basic crops, and their animals such as goats and pigs were swept away by the river. In Baie des Moustiques, Pastor Toussaint reports that the gardens of 20 people from Bethany Baptist Church were completely devastated.

Our Response

Hurricane Isaac has left big consequences in the lives of our people. With homes, crops and animals destroyed, the price of food has risen, and people have no way to feed their families. It has also delayed and complicated the opening of schools, now foreseen for October first.  

As an organization with a holistic vision, ICDM wants to:

  • Help those who lost their homes to rebuild
  • Help families who lost their gardens to get food for their children
  • Help children get back into school

We want to keep you, our partners, informed so that you know how to pray for these people, and how you can help ICDM to meet the needs of these desperate families.

  • With a gift of $1,000 you can help one family get back into their home.
  • A gift of any amount will help to provide food for a family.

Click here to give online to ICDM. Please designate your gift for shelter or food/Hurricane Isaac. All gifts to ICDM are tax deductible.