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Clean Water System Up and Running


Bayonnais, Haiti - For the first time in history, the people of Bayonnais have safe, clean water to drink. The new water well and purification system for the Bayonnais community went into service on Saturday, July 30. A dedication ceremony, to be held in the next two weeks, will emphasize for the people of the community what it means to drink this clean water that is free from cholera and other disease organisms.

“It may take a little encouragement, but in time they will come,” declares Tim Carson, whose vision and organization brought this dream from concept to reality. “I could almost bet that the Voodoo priest in this area will come too. His children already come to our school!”


Shippensburg, PA - The bus/truck laden with construction supplies for the Center of Hope in Bayonnais was loaded onto a flatbed truck and headed to Florida on Monday morning, August 1. At Yvan's home in Florida, the supplies stored in his garage will be added to the truck's load on Tuesday before it heads to the dock for its sea voyage to Haiti.

 “God is faithful—always,” reports Cathy Wallick. “He’s provided 2x4's, plywood, wheelbarrows, a welder, freezer, 28' extension ladder, computers, chairs, hammers, saws, hand tools, spare tires, and more. A donation this past weekend helped provide the fuel needed for the tractor-trailer to transport the bus to Florida.”

Construction teams now being organized will use these supplies to finish the Center of Hope this fall. To join one of these teams, or organize a team of your own, contact Yvan Pierre, or call him at 407-922-2475.