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I loved every minute of my stay in Bayonnais!


The people, the community, and your family.... I loved it!! The children there have completely stolen my heart.  Being able to spend time with Rosemond, and to have him share his compassion and love for the kids there, was invaluable!! One can completely see how much you and your family care about the people in this community, and I was honored to be a part of that!

Thankful for visit to ICDM

When we spoke on the phone, I told you that I wasn't the most patient when it came to waiting on God's timing. Waiting 17 months to come to Bayonnais, was so excruciatingly long. Now, I have to again be patient and wait on God's timing for when I can come back. I feel homesick for Bayonnais.  I miss the people, and I have thought about them everyday since I have returned home.            

The 9 days that I spent in Haiti have completely changed my perspective, and my life. My prayer for this trip was that Jesus would use me however he wanted to, and that my heart would be burst wide open for Bayonnais.

One thing that you can always count on is for Jesus to be faithful on his promises, because that is exactly what He did. The overflow of my heart for this community is HUGE!! I can not wait till I get to come back!!
Please know that I am constantly praying for you, your family, and this mission!!!! 
Your sister in Jesus!!!