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I have just returned from Haiti from another exciting and fruitful trip!



Things didn't always go as planned but God was in it all the time and He made good out of bad situations.  He promised He would do just that, for people who put their trust in Him.  Our situations did not change but our ability to count it all joy was there. Defaulting to Jesus is where we want to be in our new walk!

Our bus broke down in Port au Prince when we were picking up windows Yvan Pierre had shipped from the states.  We had just bought two large white boards to use up in the mountains.  There were tons of children around and so I took the opportunity to work with these kids and get to know the adults who were walking by. God gives us opportunities and wants us to hear his voice and respond to His prompts.  I have learned in the past 7 years that we can hear from Him in our spirit and if we know what’s good for us, we will follow that lead.

 An older man walked by and read the white board and stopped to speak with us.  As we talked with him he invited our team to his church to meet his pastor and so we walked awhile with him. We were surprised to meet the Pastor and be serenaded by our own national anthem on the accordion.  It was a blessing to meet believers in the middle of Port au Prince and be able to encourage them in the faith.  What the enemy intended to use to discourage, God used to glorify Himself. He brought together the body of believers and encouraged all of us in a greater understanding of this truth “God so loved the WORLD.”

Similar situations happened to us throughout the trip and we were so glad that we had many prayer warriors praying for our team. How human prayers can move God into action is a mystery to me, but it does, and we experienced it many times.  We were used, by the Father, in many ways in Bayonnais, both in and outside the compound, with Miguel’s children on the mountain, and with many of our friends whom we have encountered on past trips!

The most exciting time was during our church service on Sunday, September 15th. Because of the strength of prayers, patitioning God for visible fruit, we saw seven new rebirths by the Haitian men and women we have grown to love so much.  We were the harvesters this time, but we would not have experienced this harvest if Yvan Pierre and Rosemond had not said their yeses so many years ago.  These seven went from death to life right in front of our eyes. Using the 5th mark of a truly saved person and giving examples that the Spirit gave me on the spot, we continued the ministry of Quest Church in Haiti!

Partnering with ICDM is part of the abundant life that Jesus promised me the minute I surrendered my life and followed Him. Thank you for partnering with me on this great ride. How much more abundant can my life become?...……... Guess what, it has only just begun!  ICDM will continue, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit through Yvan Pierre to Evangelize, to Empower, and to Educate the families of the Bayonnais region of Haiti and I am privileged and honored to be a part of that!                                                        

Because Jesus continued to pursue me,

                                                                                                                                                             Tim Carson