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Dear ICDM Partner,I was to travel back to Haiti on 9/8. Then the trip was postponed to 9/13 and again moved to 9/16 because of hurricane Irma. My family and I are doing well. We lost power for 36 hours and phone service became unreliable. We are cleaning up after Irma.  Phone and internet services were restored yesterday afternoon.The school year in Bayonnais opened on 9/4. Then it was closed at the expectations of Irma from 9/6-9/8. Haiti was spared from the worst blows of Irma. Thanks for praying! The good news is that our kids returned  to school since Monday, 9/11. We are expecting 750 students in Bayonnais. For Haiti, as far as we are concerned, we are back to business as usual. Please pray that God will provide for the needs of our students. We continue to need individual and corporate…

ICDM May 2017 Update


Dear partners in the gospel, It is so good to communicate with you this morning in order to inform you about our ministry in Haiti, our courage, weakness, and needs. By this note, we want to let you know…

ICDM Update 2017


I greet you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is my joy to share with you activities that have taken place in our Leadership Training during the last two years as the ICDM…

ICDM Christmas In Bayonnais


Christmas In Bayonnais For the third consecutive year, “Papa Noel” made a special stop in Bayonnais for Christmas, to the great pleasure of all the children.  Many thanks to Ron Fink for playing the part! …