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A (very) Important message from ICDM in Haiti


Dear friends of ICDM, As you may know, for 2019 we recently launched what is perhaps our most important charitable initiative ever.  It’s called our “Children’s Feeding Program”.  The reason we think our feeding program is so important is simple – Hunger and malnutrition. Hunger and malnutrition still looms large among our (now 700+) beautiful little children in Haiti.  We desperately need to be able to serve them a hot, nutritious lunch each school day.  But, unfortunately, financially we can’t….The money just isn’t there. And it plays out daily in the lives of our children.  Perhaps the best way to explain why we think it’s so important to feed our kids lunch, is to let you hear about one of our actual students.  “A day in the life of little Sheewan” Let me introduce you to little Sheewan,…

ICDM Haiti Christmas Letter and Year-End Report


Dear friends of ICDM, 2018 has been another very fruitful, blessed year at International Christian Development Mission (ICDM).  In addition to welcoming many mission teams throughout the year, I am proud…

ICDM Grand Opening of New Medical Clinic


Dear friends of ICDM, It is my pleasure to announce the Grand Opening of our new Medical Clinic in Haiti….Wow, it has finally happened….Praise God! What began as just a dream has finally been realized. …

I.C.D.M. Sponsorship Newsletter


Hello.  We are trying to give Children Sponsors updates on the children, the school and the Bayonnais community. Also, we are hoping to address some concerns that had been brought to our attention with…

School of Evangelism


I greet you in the name of Jesus. I am happy sending this note to you in order to give you a report on the SOE 2017-2018.On August 11, 2018 took place the ceremony of graduation of the 11th promotion of…