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ICDM: November Update


Dear ICDM Partner, ICDM continues to break the generational curse that has engulfed Haiti, through education. This October makes it 32 years since I have been welcoming children to school. Most of the beneficiaries have become full productive and functional members of Society. Preceding this school year, the country’s challenges were multiplied: political turmoil, Covid-19, President assassination, earthquake, hurricanes, etc. and the list goes on. Yet, ICDM pursues its mission to evangelize, educate, equip, and empower people to live a more meaningful life in Christ. The ministry is ongoing. 410 students are attending the Portable Bible. Last September the School of Evangelism/Human Development began sessions in Port-au-Prince for 30 students.…

ICDM: October Update


Dear Partner in the Gospel, Myriam and I made it to Bayonnais on September 9th. We met this week with the Earthquake relief team. They're on task. They have been distributing hygiene kits, clothes, medications…

ICDM: Earthquake Update


August 24, 2021 Dear partners in ministry, I want to begin by thanking you for the outpouring of generosity we have experienced over the past few days for the victims of the recent earthquake in southern…

ICDM: Earthquake Relief


August 16, 2021 Dear friend of ICDM, With the recent events unfolding in Haiti, I cannot help asking myself why Haiti again? In 2010, an earthquake destroyed much of Haiti's capital, the surrounding areas,…

ICDM: August 2021 Update


Dear friend of ICDM, I want to begin this August update by thanking you for your generosity. When I last wrote to you about the assassination of Haiti’s President, Jovenel Moise, you responded by giving…