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Update on Faustin Pierre

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Dear Partners in the Gospel,Here is an update on the health of Brother Faustin Pierre, the director of our school in Bayonnais, Haiti. We wrote you on April 17 that he was in kidney failure, and asked that you urgently pray for a healing touch from God. You prayed and God is answering!Yesterday Faustin visited the doctor, who ordered new lab tests. His tests two weeks ago showed a very high creatinine level of 6.6, which could mean serious kidney damage or disease (normal is 1.5). Praise God, the test yesterday came back at 4.6, a drop of two full points. The doctor was surprised at the results, and stated that he had never seen that happen! Faustin will go back for new tests in one month.Faustin told me he has been praying Psalm 118:17, “I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the…

My Haitian Odyssey

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After 11 years, I finally said yes to my friend, Yvan Pierre, and visited his home country of Haiti. It took the 2010 earthquake to get me out the door, but I will never regret the journey.Seeing pictures…

Continuing Hope!

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By Jesse McLainWhen I returned from Haiti last October, one of the first questions people asked me was, “How much progress has been made in the reconstruction?” – referring to the 2010 earthquake. The…

ICDM Leadership Training Conference

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Story and photos by Cathy Wallick Christian leaders from five Haitian states and many denominations came together January 16-20 for an ICDM Leadership Training Conference. Presented in cooperation with…