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Haiti's Hope

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    A poem by Sabrina Terrill A mission trip to Bayonnais Haiti, where majestic and steep mountains abound, And the vision of I.C.D.M. that promises to help the children, will surely astound Every early morning we would awake to donkey’s brays, rooster crows and childhood chatter. On weekday mornings these children travel down descending paths, getting to school is all that matters. In their school uniforms neatly pressed by an iron that uses hot charcoal to heat... They all travel sometimes for hours, on graveled trails, which is no small feat. This I know firsthand since I also hiked these dangerously daunting mountainous peaks, Where my endurance skills and sometimes competitive nature they definitely did tweak. The children are adorable and healthy in a country where poverty is widespread,…

Reflections on my recent trip to ICDM

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By Pastor Don White, Community Wesleyan Church in Intercession City, Florida On the way there, I found myself asking God, “Why am I here?” and that question became one of my prayers during my time in…

November Missions Trip Update

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My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful week of ministry in Bayonnais this week during Thanksgiving. I give thanks to The Lord for the beautiful campus that He has provided for the children. They are being…

Continuing Hope

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By Dr. Jesse McLain One of the first questions people asked when I returned from Haiti last week was, “How much progress has been made in the reconstruction?” The answer is complex. While much has been…


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Preach the Word Conference, Haiti ICDM EMPOWERS LEADERS By Rosemond Pierre, ICDM Field Coordinator What we planned The date had been set a year in advance. Field leaders had met numerous times to prepare…