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ICDM: Easter Update

Dear friends of ICDM,
Christ is Risen! He is risen, indeed!
Throughout the centuries this cry has brought hope in the presence of despair and light in the midst of darkness. Not only does Christ’s resurrection provide the promise of eternal life when we die, it gives life to deadly situations on this side of the grave.
If you are keeping up with the news about Haiti, you will know that it is experiencing a death of sorts. Gangs and vigilante groups are at war, governmental services are non-functioning, hunger is on the rise, and everyday life has ground to a halt.
I am proud to say that in the midst of all this darkness, the resurrection of Jesus Christ has enabled ICDM to keep on shining a light of hope. Our school and medical clinic in Bayonnais remain open. We continue to feed children. Our Portable Bible Schools are still training leaders to share the Good News of Jesus in word and deed.
We continue to feed our children.
We continue to heal bodies.
We continue to worship the Risen Lord.
But I would be less than honest if I failed to mention the political and social situation has put pressure on our ministries. Fuel is hard to come by, medical supplies are becoming scarce, the families associated with our school are being economically disrupted. The darkness is beginning touch Bayonnais, and our light is beginning to flicker a bit.

This Easter, I am asking you, our partners, to help us keep the light of Christ shining brightly by linking your generosity with our need. Specifically, I am asking you to:
  • Help feed our children. Every day we try to feed 800 students a hot, nutritious meal at a cost of $400 for the day. Consider sponsoring a day of feeding, or a portion thereof.
  • Sponsor a child’s education at $40 per month. Your sponsorship provides children with educational materials and helps pay their teachers. If you can’t commit to sponsorship at this time, please consider a one-time gift to the school to help see us through this critical time.
  • Give the gift of healing. A gift to our medical clinic will help us purchase medicine and pay our excellent staff who treated over 1000 people in 2023.
  • Purchase some gallons of gas at $12.00 per gallon. Your gift will help us maintain the mobility we need to continue serving our community well. The national instability of Haiti has made fuel prices soar.
You can make a difference in these lives!
When I have called upon you in the past for special help in times of natural disaster you have been exceedingly generous. What is happening in Haiti right now is every bit as devastating as an earthquake or hurricane and your involvement in helping us solve problems is invaluable. You may give at and designate your gift in the drop-down menu.
While things have reached a crisis point in Haiti, I am concerned but not frightened. Throughout history, God’s people have risen up in the darkness to shine the light of Christ. I know that together we can do the same.
Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed!
Yours in Christ,
Yvan Pierre
Founder and Director of ICDM