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ICDM: December Newsletter

Dear friends of ICDM,
As Christmas draws near, a lot of attention is focused on gifts. In our younger days, it might have been “What am I going to get?” As we grow older the question shifts to “What am I going to give this person or that person?”
Some people can be especially hard to shop for. The marketers know this and FaceBook and mail feeds are filled with ads for “20 unique gifts this Christmas.” Have you been searching for that perfect gift for someone but seem stumped? Why not give them a goat, or a cow, or some chickens? Now, if you dropped a live goat off at their house you might not get a Christmas card from them next year. But there is still a way to give.
That way is through our GOATS (Gift of Animals to Succeed) program at ICDM. You can give a goat, pig, chickens, or cow to a family in Bayonnais, Haiti in honor of your loved one. To your friends or family, the gift might be unique; to the Haitian family that receives it, it is life-giving. With the help of ICDM, they learn to raise their animals so they are productive and then they pay it forward by giving the offspring to another family. It is a gift that keeps on giving.
Most of those gifts listed in those “Top Gifts” ads will amuse your loved one for a couple of days and then be put up on a shelf somewhere. Your gift to help a Haitian family will give life year-round. To give a life-changing gift to the people of Haiti, simply go here and follow the instructions on the page. Gift suggestions:
  • Goat                   $100
  • Chickens            $12
  • Pig                      $125
  • Cow                    $500
Other gift ideas include:
  • Feeding our school of 800 children for a day               $400
  • Sponsoring a child’s education                                     $40 per month
  • Extending the Gospel by training a leader                    $100
When you think about it, the whole tradition of Christmas gift-giving began with God’s gift of his Son, Jesus Christ. And in that gift was life—abundant life on earth and heavenly life after we die. He invites us to join him in giving life today. Won’t you join ICDM in this important work of giving life? Remember, you can do so here.
With gratitude for your faithfulness,
Yvan Pierre
Founder and Director ICDM
In him (Jesus) was life, and that life was the light of the world. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.   (John 1:4–5, NIV)