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ICDM: Extending the Hope

Dear friends of ICDM,
Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed! Throughout the centuries this shout has resounded throughout the world as a testimony to hope. Of course, Christ’s Resurrection assures hope in the face of death for all who embrace Him as Lord. But His Resurrection also demonstrates that God’s power has the final say in the darkest places here on earth. “Christ is Risen “is a defiant cry of hope in the most difficult of situations.
For over 30 years now, ICDM has lived by and distributed the hope of the Resurrection throughout Haiti and the Dominican Republic. During those years both countries have known their share of difficulties, but ICDM has been able to shine the light of hope on the hardest of times through its ministry of evangelizing, educating, empowering, and equipping. We have seen lives changed. We have seen communities changed. We rejoice that we have been able to serve as distributors of hope and we are grateful to all of you for sharing in this important work with us.
It has always been our practice to place people before buildings. After all, we started off under a mango tree! However, sometimes we need buildings to house what we do for people. Over the years we have been blessed to construct a church, a medical clinic, and a guest house for missionaries and visitors. At the heart of all our projects, however, has been the Center of Hope, from which many of our ministries have been launched.
Some of our children finding hope at The Center of Hope
The community building hope at the Center of Hope.
Begun in the early 2000’s, the Center of Hope’s first floor was completed in 2008. This allowed us to expand our school offerings. Because we always build on the basis of accumulated funds (no loans), the second floor was not completed until 2012. This completion allowed us to expand our ministries to the community and nation by allowing us to house leadership conferences. It also alleviated some space pressure for our ever-growing school. In the Fall of 2020, we conducted our “30 for 30” Campaign in which we raised $30,000 to build a third and final floor for the Center of Hope.
We had hoped that the money raised would have seen the project through to completion but the COVID-related spike in building material costs and lack of free missionary labor meant that a few things have been left undone. The floor has been built and roofed but it still needs to be finished with doors and powered through solar panels. Knowing your generosity, we turn to you to partner with us in seeing the Center of Hope fully completed. We estimate that the finishing touches of doors, windows, flooring, plumbing fixtures, and solar panels will cost about $20,000.
Beginning 3rd floor construction.
Where we are now.
We are asking you to prayerfully consider making a special contribution to our “Extending the Hope” Campaign to help make the third floor of the Center of Hope fully functional. Any amount will help, but here are just a few suggestions:
  • 450 bags of cement at $9.00 per bag
  • 18 doors and frames at $82.00 each
  • 22 windows at $130.00 each
  • 13 solar panels at $137.00 each
  • 1 solar inverter (what transforms the sunlight into electricity) at $3000.00
  • 24 batteries at $110.00 each
  • 450 square meters of floor tiling at $17.00 per square meter
There is a level of giving for each budget because we would like everyone involved.
I know that together we can Extend the Hope that was established at Easter by finishing the Center of Hope which will serve our school, our church, our community, and our nations for years to come. It is not so much the building itself that matters but the lives that will be changed forever by the time they have spent in that building.
Won’t you please help us extend our ability to distribute hope by making your gift to our “Extending the Hope” Campaign? You may make your gift online at or by sending a check to:
PO Box 762
Intercession City, FL  33848
Gratefully yours,
Yvan Pierre
Founder and Director ICDM