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ICDM: This Christmas, give a gift that lasts...

Dear friends of ICDM,

As we pass through the Season of Thanksgiving, our minds and hearts naturally turn towards Christmas (Walmart’s has been there for some time already!). Whether Giving Tuesday or Christmas itself is the reminder, please remember that the season we are entering is a time of great generosity for us and from us.

Christmas is a time for remembering the gift of life. God gave us the gift of life by sending his Son, Jesus, to live among people (John 1:14). One of the ways we celebrate God’s gift of life at Christmas is by giving the ones we love presents. Presents are a huge part of Christmas. However, most of them have a short shelf life and begin to fade soon after the wrapping paper is cleaned up.

This year, give a gift that lasts. Bless the people of Haiti and your friends and family.  Make a donation to ICDM in honor of a loved one and send them a Christmas Card telling them about your gift. Here are some of this year’s opportunities:

Give an Animal
Be a GOAT-- give a goat, or a chicken, or a pig, or a cow. ICDM’s animal-sharing program, called GOATS (Gift Of Animals To Succeed) provides families with animals which help produce income and a future. When the gift animal reproduces the owner then shares one of the offspring with a neighbor to help them succeed. Along the way owners learn the principles of animal care. This is a gift that keeps on giving! To give an animal, go to and select “GOAT” from the dropdown menu. Then write your choice of animal in the message box.
Chickens- $12                                  
Goats- $100
Pigs- $150                   
Cows- $500
Feed a School
Every day that the school in Bayonnais is open (260 days per year), each of the 800 children in the school receives a free lunch, much like the school lunch program in the US. For many students in impoverished Bayonnais, school lunch is the only meal of the day. At 50 cents a meal this adds up to $400 per day. Give a meal or feed the entire school. Every bit helps! To help feed the bodies and minds of future leaders go to:
Sponsor a Child
We believe that one key to individual and national empowerment for Haiti is education. Currently we are serving over 800 students in grades K-11. Building on a foundation which was laid 32 years ago, we continue to educate future teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, farmers, and leaders. We are grateful to God for his provision over the years, but we also continue to need your help. For $35 per month you can sponsor a child’s education, changing their lives and the future of Haiti. To find out more, go to
I am truly grateful for your partnership in the Gospel with ICDM. Together, we are making a difference now and for eternity. It is a privilege to work together with you to pass on the gifts of God in Jesus Christ.
Yvan Pierre, Director of ICDM