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ICDM: November Update

Dear ICDM Partner,
ICDM continues to break the generational curse that has engulfed Haiti, through education. This October makes it 32 years since I have been welcoming children to school. Most of the beneficiaries have become full productive and functional members of Society.
Preceding this school year, the country’s challenges were multiplied: political turmoil, Covid-19, President assassination, earthquake, hurricanes, etc. and the list goes on.
Yet, ICDM pursues its mission to evangelize, educate, equip, and empower people to live a more meaningful life in Christ. The ministry is ongoing. 410 students are attending the Portable Bible. Last September the School of Evangelism/Human Development began sessions in Port-au-Prince for 30 students. October 1st, a second school of evangelism opens its door in Port-de-Paix for 35 students. I also offered Ministerial Orientation for 40 Christian Leaders during September and October.
Your generous gifts help us provide considerable support for the earthquake victims. You may remember Luckner. He is out of the hospital.  Your response was amazing: you sent tents, thousand pairs of shoes/sandals, rice and beans, soaps, flour, infant milk formulas, clothes, etc.
The medical clinic just initiated a program called “One thousand day”. It addresses the well-being of children from 0-5 years of age and their mother. It goes well with the farming program to encourage families to improve their diet.
Many of you asked about MISSION TRIPS. I continue to lead trips to serve in the Dominican Republic. I also pray and hope that TRIPS to Haiti would resume by Spring 2022.
Myriam and I continue to travel. For these past 2 years, we have travelled the mission field via Mission Aviation Fellowship. They have 10 and 5 passengers’ planes. Some of you have already travelled with us. It makes a big difference.
ICDM is affiliated with Missionary Flights International. MFI takes Passengers and Cargo for our Mission to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Currently, view the gravity of the situation in Haiti, do not hesitate to send us your cargo via MFI to Port-au-Prince. Contact us if you need a list.
My heart is sunk at the plights of the kidnapped Missionaries. Pray with me for a convenient outcome!
I do thank you and praise our common Shepherd. “Though (especially in this unprecedented time) I am called to walk the darkest valley for the sake of His Name, with over 800 little souls in my care, I am not afraid. God is with me. You are also with me. I am comforted, believing that goodness and love will follow me all my life and I will serve in the house of the Lord until He calls me home” (Paraphrase Psalms 23:4-6).
God is greater than all our circumstances! We work to make Jesus Christ more famous.
In Christ’s name,
Yvan Pierre
ICDM Director