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ICDM: Earthquake Relief


August 16, 2021

Dear friend of ICDM,

With the recent events unfolding in Haiti, I cannot help asking myself why Haiti again?

In 2010, an earthquake destroyed much of Haiti's capital, the surrounding areas, and killed nearly 300,000 people. Now, in 2021, 11 years later, another earthquake has hit southern parts of the country, killing over 1,300 people so far, handicapping thousands of others, and destroying thousands of homes. The country is still dealing with the recent assassination of its President and a tropical storm seems headed our way.

When I begin to wonder about these things, God has a way of reminding me that He is still in charge. Not all of us fall on our knees at the same time. I am still standing to lend a hand to my sisters and brothers who are directly affected by these disasters.

For over 30 years, ICDM has been standing in the gap bringing relief to the most vulnerable. Even though the earthquake did not directly damage our home campus in Bayonnais we are still affected because we are a distributed ministry with connections throughout Haiti through our our Portable Bible Schools and Schools of Evangelism. Many people close to the heart of ICDM have been directly affected by this recent earthquake:

  • Our Portable Bible School Regional Coordinator, Pastor Mathias Ysnor reports that the Church of God in Fond-Cochon, Church of Haute Vodrogue (Jeremie), the Church of Deron in Bomon are all destroyed.
  • 100 persons under the leadership of Pastor Elie Noel lost their homes and many of them are in hospital.
  • 60 families in Caracolie (Jeremie) lost their homes and are on the streets.
  • 40 families under the leadership of Pastor Wilne Onezi near Macaya lost their homes
  • Most of 48 students in Our supported Bible School in Carrefour Charles with Petionnet Dieudonne lost their homes.

ICDM is poised to provide Counseling, psychological support, clean drinking water, food, medical support and provisory shelters. Together we can make a huge difference to our brothers and sisters who are in dire need of help.

Could it be that You and I are still standing so we can lend a hand to the fallen? 
I know that many of you are eager to help. You may make an online donation here. Be sure you use the dropdown to designate “disaster relief.” If you are not able to give online, then please send a check marked “earthquake” to:

P.O. Box 762 
Intercession City, FL 33848
Please help ICDM help the people of Haiti!
Your brother in Christ,
Yvan Pierre
Director, ICDM