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ICDM: Summer 2021 Update

Dear friends of ICDM,

By now most of you have heard the news of the assassination of Haiti's President, Jovenal Moise. Obviously this is disruptive for our brothers and sisters in Haiti, though thus far ICDM continues to operate in spite of the hardships of the past several months.

We celebrated our most recent school graduates.
We are starting a new house for a family in need, the roof is being put on the Canter of Hope, and we are even running summer camps like the one described below:
Dear ICDM partners,

I am excited to write to you about the marvelous things God has done through the Great Commission Challenge Camp held in Moge, locality of Savanette Cabral.
Moge is the name of the village where we organized the GC3. It is about 30 minutes from Mirbalais by motorcycle.  From Friday June 25 to 27, more than 50 people attended the Savanette Cabral Great Commission Challenge Camp. It was an opportunity for participants to get the training they need to continue to preach the gospel and to lead the lost to Christ.  Several Missionary groups took part in the training: Missionaries for Christ, a group of six committed leaders from Wanaminthe (North-East); Effective Intercessors, a group from Belladere (Centre); students from Belladere Mobile School of Evangelism, and leaders from 7 local denominations.  

Participants were excited to learn about the true meaning of the Great Commission. They committed themselves to obey it by passing what they have learned to others. The camp was an occasion for the church to baptize 6 new converts.  The camp ended on Sunday June 27 with the dedication of the hangar for a newly planted church.

As you know our country has been facing turmoil for years. Especially these four past years, things have been growing worse. Expenses for transportation have become higher. There has been neither gasoline, nor diesel in Haiti. However, participants did all they could to be there...... And it was good.

We are also blessed that none of our local partners has been victim of COVID- 19. Praise God!

It is through your support and prayer these wonderful things can happen.

Once more, great thanks to you, partners in the ministry.
All this activity does not come easily. Fuel has not been sold at service stations in Haiti for about a month. Food is in short supply. Life is hard for many people. Nevertheless, God is faithful and has allowed us to move forward in ministry in the midst of crisis. If you would like to stand with us financially in these difficult times you may do so here Select "Most Urgent Need" from the drop down box. Every bit helps us continue to minister in times of great need.

Thank you for standing with us!

Yvan Pierre