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ICDM: Easter Update 2021

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
In a few days we will be remembering the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross and the tremendous victory of his resurrection. Through the events of Holy Week, God demonstrated his wonderful grace (undeserved favor) towards us. At ICDM, we attempt pass that grace along to others through our ministry to the people of Haiti. We do this in many ways.
First and foremost is our dedication to sharing the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. Our church in Bayonnais continues to reach many people in Bayonnais. Our School of Evangelism, Portable Bible School and Leadership Conferences continue to educate, equip, and empower leaders throughout Haiti so that they are able to share the Gospel in powerful ways in their communities. Currently, we have 40 students enrolled in the School of Evangelism and 410 enrolled in Portable Bible School.
Also high on the list of ICDM priorities are our children. Currently, we are serving over 800 students in two locations. Through our Child Sponsorship Program, we are able to provide educational opportunities which grow their minds. Through our Feeding Program, we are able to nourish their bodies by providing nutritious hot meals every day. The school anticipates graduating 60 students in June of this year. Many of the students will go on to further education, eventually serving Haiti in professional capacities.
We serve not only the children of Bayonnais but their families as well. We do this in several ways. One is through our micro-credit program which provides seed money for entrepreneurs to start businesses in the community to supplement their income. We not only provide loans, but training in business practices and skills as well. One of the highlights of this year of COVID has been teaching people how to make soap and disinfectant as a source of income which also improves community health. Currently, ICDM has loans out to 30 families, providing hope for their economic future.
Another way in which we serve the community is through our health center, which was completed in 2019. During the first quarter of 2021, we have provided medical care to approximately 1,000 people. Our permanent nurse-practitioner, Anne-Rose, is aided by a host of visiting doctors, dentists, and other professionals. We also welcome short-term medical teams to help with the clinic’s work.
Another outreach we are excited about is our home-building program. Much like Habitat for Humanity in America, we are able to provide low-cost housing to people in the great need of shelter. Our efforts are changing lives. Since the program’s inception in 2016, we have been able to build 5 homes. We are hoping to expand our capacity in this area as donors capture the excitement and as we begin to reopen to short-term mission teams as COVID restrictions begin to ease up.
Finally, I would like to say a word about our progress on the third floor of the Center of Hope. Thanks to your generosity during our 30 for 30 Campaign last Fall, we have been able to work towards completion. The third floor will complete the Center of Hope and allow us to expand our school offerings as well as serve our community better. We are so grateful for your partnership in helping this happen.
Your partnership with ICDM in these ministries has been an act of grace on your part. Thank you for sharing so generously in the name of Jesus Christ as we attempt to share the Good News of his death, resurrection, and profound love throughout Haiti.
Your brother in Christ,
Yvan Pierre
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Entrepreneurs making disinfectant.
Our feeding program at work.
School of Evangelism
Steady progress on the Center of Hope