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March Update on ICDM's humanitarian efforts in Haiti

Dear friends of ICDM,
Pastor Yvan Pierre here, with a quick March update on our on-going efforts in Haiti.
First off, my wife Myriam and I just recently returned safely to the U.S. after an extended stay at our ICDM facilities in Bayonnais.  The entire nation, as you can probably imagine, remains quite challenged.
*  Haiti (just like most countries) has now confirmed its seventh case of Covid 19.  So the government has banned "groups of 10 or more".  This means our school has had to close.  How long, remains up in the air (just like here).  This has been a very painful decision to make, however we know that we are doing the right thing.  Our main worry remains for the nutritional needs of our precious students.  The virus just doesn't care about hungry little bellies.  But our wonderful teachers and other staff have really been stepping-up to try to keep tabs on our students where possible.
*  All of our staff at ICDM is organized to continue to minister to the community.  And this we will continue to do.  But food shortages and medical supplies remain our key-concern.  Things are becoming quite urgent, so please keep us in your prayers and if you are able, please consider an on-line donation to help.  (Go to and follow the prompts.)  We need funds to support our children and their families, medical supplies for the Clinic and money for the Feeding Program.

*  But all is not bad news.  Not at all.  Our new Medical Clinic remains open and seeing patients daily.  Dr. "Eddie" Eticole and his entire team are working with the local community to educate them about the Covid 19 virus and what it could mean for them.  As you know, at our site way up in the mountains (without access to modern communication) it is imperative that people be able to learn about things from a trained medical professional.
Those of you who have visited ICDM in person know that the concept of "social distancing" is quite foreign in our culture and it's especially challenging when you consider that so many of our people have to go out daily and really struggle to find food for their families....Hence our urgent need for donations to fund the Feeding Program.
Please continue to pray for us.  We pray for God's intervention.  He is still in charge.  He is still in control.  He delivered this World before and he will do it again.  Amen!
Thank you for your continued partnership with ICDM.
In Christ's name,
Yvan Pierre
ICDM Director
(407) 922-2475