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Summer Update from ICDM in Haiti


Dear friends of ICDM,

Pastor Yvan Pierre is currently down at the ICDM facility in Haiti, so he asked that I send you a short "Summer update".

1.  The 2018/19 school year is now complete.  It was a tremendous success, with over 800 children now attending school at two different locations.  The Graduation party was, as you can imagine, a huge, fun-filled Haitian celebration.  A big THANK YOU to all of our wonderful teachers and staff!  Our schools are truly changing lives (one little life at a time) and we could not do it without you!  And a big thank you to everyone who sponsor's a child.  I hope you understand how grateful our children are for the opportunity you provide.

2.  Our Children's Feeding program was a wonderful blessing throughout the school year.  Financially, we had enough money to be able to feed our kids a hot, nutritious lunch about 50% of the time.  Our teachers and Clinic doctors report that our beautiful children are finally starting to put on some much needed weight and grow....Praise God!  But much opportunity still exists.  Our goal is to feed them every school day, no exceptions.  As sadly, it often is the only "real meal" that many of our children receive....We can do better, just need more $$.

3.  Finally, our new Medical Clinic continues to "hit it out of the park".  As we guessed during the building of the clinic, there has been HUGE interest from our little mountain community.  Dozens and dozens of patients come every day.  Babies born, lives saved....Our Clinic has indeed been a tremendous success.  Our main challenge is to continue to raise money for life saving medicines, cover medical salaries and buy vital supplies.

Friends, these are just three examples of the good work that ICDM continues to do (in one of the most challenged parts of the world).

In a world filled with charities and non-profits with somewhat "fuzzy" goals (and results), I can tell you that ICDM flat out works.  So to those of you who have made the decision to help us financially, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  You truly are the wind under our wings.

And for those of you who would like to come alongside us and "join the good fight", please visit our website      It's easy to sign up and help us monthly.  Any monthly amount is deeply valued and appreciated.

If you have any questions, I encourage you to call me personally.  Like most of our fellow volunteers, I would be honored to share with you why I think International Christian Development Mission is truly worthy of your support.