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A (very) Important message from ICDM in Haiti


Dear friends of ICDM,

As you may know, for 2019 we recently launched what is perhaps our most important charitable initiative ever.  It’s called our “Children’s Feeding Program”.  The reason we think our feeding program is so important is simple – Hunger and malnutrition.

Hunger and malnutrition still looms large among our (now 700+) beautiful little children in Haiti.  We desperately need to be able to serve them a hot, nutritious lunch each school day.  But, unfortunately, financially we can’t….The money just isn’t there.

And it plays out daily in the lives of our children.  Perhaps the best way to explain why we think it’s so important to feed our kids lunch, is to let you hear about one of our actual students. 

“A day in the life of little Sheewan”

Let me introduce you to little Sheewan, a wonderful, bright eyed 6 year old girl.  Like most of our children, she is small for her age due to lack of calories and consistent nutrition.  If you saw her in person, you might guess Sheewan to be 4 or 5.  And although her personal circumstances are very tough (she was orphaned shortly after birth and is currently being raised by her financially destitute grandmother), she doesn’t let that stop her.  Even at her young age, she realizes that obtaining a quality education is her key to a better future.

So every morning she wakes up before dawn, proudly puts on her ICDM school uniform   

while her grandmother fixes her hair with cute little ribbons.  She then begins an arduous one-hour walk to school, following dirt trails through the mountains and crossing streams as she goes.  It’s tough on little feet.  Important:  Most days she arrives at school without any breakfast.  She must then attempt to sit down and learn on an empty stomach.  Her teachers say that she is smart and willing, but hunger is a formidable enemy.  Problem is, most of her 700 classmates arrive at school in just the same state, without having eaten. 

So we are beginning a new funding program designed to fix it.  We call it our “Monthly Angel Feeding Program”.  We are looking for 300 individuals or families willing to come alongside us as a “Monthly Angel” in the amount of just $25/month.  (The price of a couple of pizzas.)

We are looking for kindhearted people who will step up and say “Yes, I agree.  This problem (hungry children) can not continue and I’m willing to do something about it.”  Our ICDM website has just been refreshed to include this vital new program.  Would you please do me the kind favor to visit it right now, while you are thinking about it?  Click this link -

Many of you have had the opportunity to visit ICDM in person and help feed the children.  So you know first-hand how appreciative they truly are.  We take our food for granted in the United States….They don’t.  So please, help if you can.  And like the Bible says….Feed My Sheep.

Thanks and may God bless you for taking action.