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Dear friends of ICDM,

I have some exciting news to share concerning our Medical Clinic.

God continues to bless us in our project to build a new Medical Clinic at the ICDM compound In Haiti.  Construction is going very well (see photo) and we are planning to have our Grand Opening in early November.  The entire local community is SO excited!

We also have nearly met our goal of finding used medical equipment for the clinic.  So if you have been helping us find things, you can now stop.  And thank you!

However Pastor Yvan and I now have a new challenge ahead of us....

We have been given many thousands of dollars worth of used medical equipment and this equipment will allow our new Clinic to save many, many lives.

The problem is, it will now cost ICDM approximately $10,000 to pack, crate and ship (on a big container ship) everything down to the island.

Friends, can you help?

If everyone receiving this email would simply donate $20 each, then BOOM it's done.

So if you are able, would you please jump in and help us?  There are two quick and easy ways to do this:

  1. Visit the ICDM website   and donate online with your credit/debit card or directly from your checking/savings account.
  2. Mail your check directly to -- ICDM, PO Box 762, Intercession City FL 33848.  Mark it "for medical equipment shipping".

As I have said from the very beginning, I truly feel that God has already decided that He wants this clinic built....He wants this done.  And we are now so close.

Would you please help us meet this need?  $20 isn't a lot.  But many hands make for light work, right?  Together, we can do it.

Here is our motto for the clinic building project (I think it is a good one) -- It always seems impossible....Until someone does it!

I thank you in advance for being that someone.