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Urgent Need: Feeding Ministry for the Children, ICDM Haiti


Background:  ICDM operates a school, Ecole Henri Christophe for 700+ students in the mountains of rural Haiti.  This school services very poor families in the region and for many, represents the only opportunity for education.  In many cases, the lunch provided by the school is the only meal children will receive during the day.

Since January of this year, through many generous individuals and organizations, we have been able to consistently feed lunch to the children who attend the school at ICDM.  There have been many notable improvements in attentiveness, both at home and in school, along with healthier appearances.  The children have become more focused on their studies, attendance has become more consistent and there are less behavioral issues.

We need your help!!!  The funds that have enabled the Feeding Ministry are exhausted at the end of May.  It costs approximately $400 a day to feed lunch to the children.  All foods are sourced locally in order to pour back into the local economy and assist with increasing self-sustainability of the locals.

What you can do to help:  We need your help finding individuals or groups to commit to buying lunch for the school for a day or more per month for the remainder of 2018 (7 months).   Not everyone can commit to $400 a month for 7 months.  There are many ways this can be achieved:  if you have 4 friends who can do $100 a month for 7 months or 8 people at $50 a month or even 20 people at $20 a month.  The need is immediate.  We need your help to continue this vital feeding project.  Your generous donation WILL 100% be applied to purchasing food for the school and feeding the children.

How do I donate? ACH Debit is available on the ICDM website ( ).  Be sure to put the Feeding Ministry in the Memo Line. 

Have questions?  Please feel free to email or call the Director of the Feeding Ministry:  Cheryl Corbin at:

Sincerely yours in Christian friendship,

Pastor Yvan Pierre – Director, International Christian Development Mission