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Building our new Medical Clinic in Haiti


Dear friends of ICDM,

I have a wonderful announcement to make:  A dream of ours is finally coming true!

As many of you know, it has always been a dream of our ministry to be able to build a proper Medical Clinic to serve the (very) under-served children and families near our school in Haiti.

Last year through a successful fundraising campaign we were able to raise the necessary funds!  Construction is now underway and we are shooting for a Grand Opening sometime in the Fall.

Our next important step is to stock our new Medical Clinic with (gently used) donated medical equipment.  And I need your help.

Click here to download a copy of our medical equipment "Needs List".  

Would you please do the following?

1.  Print out a few copies of this equipment list.

2.  Take a copy and give it to personal Doctor, Dentist, Nurse, Pediatrician, Specialist....Every medical professional that you know.

3.  Tell them about what we are doing and ask -- "Hey, do you have anything on this list that you might want to get rid of and could donate?  It's so important!"

Important Note:  Medical facilities in the U.S. constantly update and replace their equipment.  So don't be shy about asking.  You never know what could happen, right?

Remember, we don't necessarily need new equipment.  Gently used equipment is just fine and we are happy to provide donation receipts upon request.

If you or any donors have questions, please contact us.

Finally -- Here is our ICDM motto for the Clinic building project.  I think it is a good one -- 

It always seems impossible....Until someone does it!

Thank you in advance for being that someone.

Sincerely yours in Christian friendship,

Pastor Yvan Pierre
Director -- International Christian Development Mission