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ICDM May 2017 Update


Dear partners in the gospel,

It is so good to communicate with you this morning in order to inform you about our ministry in Haiti, our courage, weakness, and needs. By this note, we want to let you know how you can pray for us.

The Portable Bible Schools in Haiti are going really well these days. There has been a big increasing in the demands for classes. During these two last years the graduates have prioritized Church growth and church planting.

The reports we sent last year showed that North and North-East did the major works for 20016-2017. But this year more than 50% of the portable Bible Schools are concentrated in the West Department, villages surrounding the Capital, Port-au-Prince, and mainly a new Department where we have never been before.
Jean Rene preaches and teaches in La Chappelle. The church gathers every Sunday and it is a growing one. The people meet under a tent made with coconut tree leaves. Since it is raining a lot, this has caused big troubles for the church and the Bible Study group. The brothers and sisters plan to cover the hangar with sheet metals. It is urgent to build a new facility because the rainy season has just started. The rain will stay until September. The people do not keep their hands crossed. Actually, they are gathering woods. They are looking for partners or friends of the church to help them with sheet metals.

Marco Occean, a former SOE graduate started a new church on the top mountains of Pierre-Payen. He is running a Portable Bible School in order to prepare people who are going to lead the ministry. This new church faces same problem with La Chapelle. It is urgent for them to build a hangar where the people can meet to study the Bible and worship God.

Damien, West Department – Port-au-Prince
A new church is being planted by Gerique Alsaint. He organized a Portable Bible school to train leaders for the church. His School of Alphabetization is teaching the people how to read and write. This dynamic leader  organized a micro-loan project. It permits him to give loans to little merchants of the church. The women are funded to undergo activities that will generate revenues.

The biggest problem to which the church is facing is the local. The recent activities have facilitated the growth of the church. Please, pray for the construction of a temporary tent or hangar for the church.
Dieujuste Moncher is planting a new church in the inner City of Port-au-Prince. After having participated at the ICDM conference in January on How to create and run a micro-enterprise, Pastor Dieujuste came back home with new insights. He reorganized his micro-enterprise created since 1990. The up-to-date knowledge he got from the conference have permitted him to better manage his business. He has been able to increase the number of employees. His objectives are to run the enterprise such a way that he can get enough money to keep himself in ministry and to create more jobs for the members of the church and all people living in his area.

Pray for Dieujuste and his ministry. He is working in a difficult area. The church is gathering in a little room in the center of the Capital. The people living there are vulnerable in term of food, lodging, school, and health issues. The people trust the work initiated by Pastor Dieujuste. They respect him and want to participate in all actions that can bring hope for the people. Please pray for him as he is making efforts to get more funds to increase his investments. Pray that he can serve as a catalyst for positive changes in this area where people are without hope. Pray also for the church, especially for those who came to know Jesus as their Savior. We want to see this new church contribute to bring life back to this area.

Sad news from the field Reverend Asselhomme reported a sad incident that happened this week in the Center Department where a student of our Portable Bible School of Belladere was killed with his wife, one of his children, and his donkey. Reverend Alfrance, Mene, and Gard Ladouceur are being buried today after a deadly storm hit them. These people went to the garden where they planted peanuts. They were about to load the donkey to go back home when the storm hit and killed the donkey, the pastor’s wife and one of his 8 children. This is a tragedy! Afrance was a preacher of the Indigenous Church of God of La Ray. Pray for pastor Asshelhomme Ladouceur, our PBS Regional Coordinator for the East who left Port-au-Prince this morning to go to Belladere to make the funerals. 

Keep praying for us as we plan to organize a graduation for 50 PBS students on June 24, 2017. Several Radio Stations will cover the event with the assistance of many important leaders from the Evangelical Community and the government. The training team will be in Petit-Goave, South of the Capital, on May 27, 2017 for a conference about PBS. We are expecting to see 100 pastors and leaders from this Region. Reverend Moliere Jean-Pierre, a Wesleyan Church Minister is organizing the event in collaboration with our ministry.  The fight is long and the field is hard. These days the roads are not good. There is flooding all over the Capital. It is not easy to travel.  We are counting on Jesus, our Savior and Lord to sustain us and on you, brothers and sisters who have never missed the occasions to support us.  
Pastor Rosemond Pierre
ICDM Leadership Training Coordinator