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ICDM Update 2017


I greet you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is my joy to share with you activities that have taken place in our Leadership Training during the last two years as the ICDM Program Coordinator for Haiti and Dominican Republic.


ICDM helped plant three new churches in the Dominican Republic. 60 people from these churches got baptized and 41 leaders took part in formal training to become leaders who will help with the development of the churches.

2016 Report

We have had a large increase in terms of quantity and quality of leaders trained. From January 2016 to June 2016, we trained 224 new leaders through PBS and from July to December 2016 another 187 men and women were trained. The total number of leaders we trained via PBS for the year 2016 is 410. All this work was possible with precious resources including, books, Bibles, and extra trainings that our partners contributed. Your support has helped us to mobilize 45 PBS teachers and six SOE teachers in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

ICDM trained 320 evangelists, church planters, mission strategists, missionaries, and evangelistic coordinators. More than 50 denominations have been rep- resented. Today our graduates serve in a majority of missions and independent churches.

Mathieu Jean Claude, a PBS and SOE graduate has joined OM International as a missionary. The young evangelist wrote these words to me: "Pastor Rosemond, I greet you in Jesus. I am writing to tell you by January 2017 I will Join OM International as a missionary for a two year missionary experience. I will be visit- ing the world via big ships. We will stop in almost each country visited to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations. I do need your prayer and support".

Jean Claude left Haiti last January and went to the Dominican Republic. From there the trip started. He left the Dominican Republic to go to Panama on January 28. He will go then to Trinidad and Tobago, and Curacao. Then, the adventure will continue.... He will go all over the world (a fulfillment of the Great Com- mission) preaching the Gospel.

Next July, graduation will be held for 30 new evangelists. These leaders are undergoing intensive training. It is interesting to highlight that from September to date, five of our students have planted new churches in the Capital and other States. Right now, 200 students are being trained through eight PBS classes. These classes will end in June 2017. New registrations will be held for another eight PBS classes. Graduation will be in December 2017. We hope to train more than 400 leaders through PBS by the end of this year.

Additionally, we are multiplying our contacts with several groups, and associations of pastors who want information about our training programs. I have scheduled four meetings in the coming weeks to meet eventual PBS organizers or teachers. I will train them to become PBS teachers.

I cannot be silent about the positive impact ICDM Conferences are having on all our SOE students. The 2017 conference about the necessity for Haitian leaders to embrace entrepreneurial activities or to encourage investments in the churches will revolutionize the evangelistic world. The conference has shaped the way people think about ministry. The students of the school of evangelism received extra training on finance and leadership.

In conclusions, all I can say is "God is very good and gracious". He is compassionate, and patient with us, His servants. It is clear He called us, and we have answered to our call.

Isn't God so faithful? He keeps His promises. He has created institutions such as ICDM and other partners to train, equip, and empower us. Thank you Jesus!

Thanks to all of you, brothers and sisters, partners, supporters, and you speakers, the words you shared have made a big difference and will surely help us continue to make a bigger difference.


Rosemond Pierre, January 2017