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ICDM July Update

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ICDM's efforts to train, equip, and empower the people of Haiti have not stopped. The school is closed for vacation time but activities of all kinds are being under- taken during all summer. In fact, the Bayonnais campus has been the theater of several activities. School children gathered on the campus for a one-week program. 150 children took part in vacation Bible school. They received a meal every day; they played together. And with the assistance of all teachers, our children learned Bible stories, Bible verses, and new songs.




It was the occasion for the Henri Christophe Band to start with practicing. Some of the children, who have been taught how to read music during the past year, started the practice of playing the trumpets, and trombones.


Boys and girls are interested in this ministry. Brother Ides Louis, the trainer, organized two groups. At the end of the Vacation Bible School, they played for their parents who came to see what their children have learned during the school year and VBS period.

Please, note that we are in need of musical instruments for the new band. Instruments such as baritones, clarinets, saxophones, drums, flutes, keyboards, violins, guitars, trumpets and trombones are needed. We also need a new band director having the necessary skills to train the children.




At the same time, parents gathered several times on the campus. Under the leadership of Pastor Yvan Pierre and the assistance of Eli Dieuseul, 120 parents, mainly women came to receive training about microfinance. Eli is a preacher and technician in community development projects. He came and taught the parents how to manage a micro-enterprise, and why it is crucial for people living in communities to join together to face social, spiritual, and economical issues. The core value of all that is to teach them how to fish instead giving them a fish all the time.




This month of July has brought people from Haiti and the USA together. It was a time of reflections. Opportunities were given to the students of the School of Evangelism to think in term of what practical efforts, beside church activities, they can undergo to better help the people living in their community. Case studies about several communities have been done and projects have been identified as potential levier to sustain durable development. Satisfaction was viewed on the face of all the participants.




It is good to see improvements in all aspects in the life of this church. Bayonnais's church has grown in number and quality. The church leaders are very responsible. They are faithfully applying teachings and directives of the leaders. God has given us faithful disciples who have engaged themselves to teach at Sunday school. Several groups/choirs sing in the church every Sunday; meetings, visits and prayer are being held in houses every week.

It is my opinion to think that the days for better life for our people are not far to come. Changes in the communities, changes in the way of thinking, and changes in the lives of the people are not to late. I am really interested in what I see the Lord is doing among us. I am more than encouraged. I am fully convinced that HOPE for Haiti will come through these efforts. Your prayer, expertise, and commitment are needed… Please keep joining us to fight poverty and darkness in this country.

Rosemond Pierre, July 2016