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Why I Travel on a Haiti Mission Trip

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Are you fulfilling your commandment from God to love and serve in your own Christian walk?

Or are you too busy, too afraid, or too proud and His word does not become action, it's just talk.

What if you could help a child receive a Christian education, teach Jesus love, by planting a seed?

And also give them important and necessary learning and social skills, plus nourishing meals to feed.

You could wake in the morning to the fascinating sounds of farm animals waking plus children's voices.

Giggling and singing as they travel down mountains to attend church or school, their parents have made important choices.

In a country where poverty and despair is prevalent, ICDM has given them hope and a bright future to sustain.

So they can grow up sharing with many more generations their Christian love, strong it will remain.

You may be asking how I can become involved, how may my help enable?

There are many ways you can assist in this Mission, you could travel to Haiti or in the U.S. stay sable.

If you decide to travel, in your Christian life you will grow, allowing God's spirit to lead and strength you.

You have answered His call!

In Haiti you will be accommodated and fed plus develop an appreciation for another culture, it is a mission trip for all!

No worries though in the U.S. you can instead purchase a goat or a pig or sponsor a Haitian child, if your choice is at home you'll stay.

Plus you could learn more about ICDM and decide to tell others about it's spiritual, uplifting mission, allowing many more to follow their way...

So prayerfully consider getting involved in the ICDM Mission, it will surely change your life.

Plus you will be following God's commandment by serving and loving others and helping them get out of their everyday strife.