ICDM Family Homes

I am blessed to be in my 31st year of working on Architectural Designs for One & Two Family Homes in the affluent areas of the Southern New Jersey Coast. I have a strong belief in the honor of "Sharing Ones Talents to Elevate Others".

Homes Enrich Family Life, while fostering community involvement & expansion.

ICDM Family Homes is dedicated to Lifting Families and Communities while providing the opportunities to build Safe, Secure & Everlasting Legacy Homes.

Even the Sparrow finds a Home and the Swallow a Nest for herself, where she may lay her young...(Psalm 84:3)

As the ICDM Family Homes Mission develops, at This Mission’s Heart & Soul, I have a number of critical visions.

  1. To Help Families live, grow & prosper in an environment of dignity.

    1a) Thru New Homes & Rehabilitations / Additions to Existing Homes while maintaining a sensitivity to Non-Wasteful Construction Practices.

  2. To Help Communities grow in local talent through participation.

  3. To Train Individuals on a vocational level which enhances their & their mentor’s future and personal growth.

  4. To Create a self-sufficient and workable model that, with the outside assistance of prayer & financial benefactors, can have a life of its own.

  5. As #4 develops, it enables a natural growth of The Family Homes Mission into other regions and even countries where The International Christian Development Mission (ICDM) has a presence.

 Thank you for your time and interest in my Mission.


"ICDM Family Homes" - William Haryslak, Director