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Pick a Direction - HAITI

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When I got back to the states, someone asked me, “Was it life-changing?” It’s hard to have your entire life changed in the course of a few days. There are exceptions such as near-death experiences and the birth of a child, obviously. But, I prefer to think we are nudged in one direction or another based on events choices. I started volunteering five or six years ago. Back then I’d didn’t have the guts…

Why I Travel on a Haiti Mission Trip

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Are you fulfilling your commandment from God to love and serve in your own Christian walk? Or are you too busy, too afraid, or too proud and His word does not become action, it's just talk. What if you could help a child receive a Christian education, teach Jesus love, by planting a seed? And also give them important and necessary learning and social skills, plus nourishing meals to feed. You could…

Reflections on my recent trip to ICDM

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By Pastor Don White, Community Wesleyan Church in Intercession City, Florida On the way there, I found myself asking God, “Why am I here?” and that question became one of my prayers during my time in the mountains of Bayonnais. In the meantime, Kelly and I taught the children based around Samuel and hearing the Word of the Lord, 1) Hearing the Word of the Lord; 2) Hearing the Word of the Lord and…

November Missions Trip Update

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My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful week of ministry in Bayonnais this week during Thanksgiving. I give thanks to The Lord for the beautiful campus that He has provided for the children. They are being discipled and the loving care that they receive is evident. I enjoyed teaching scripture during chapel about Samuel learning to hear from The Lord. We talked about being set apart for God's service. After…

What A Blessing!

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What A Blessing! My husband Don and I are returning to Haiti in November and we are very excited to see the progress since our first trip. The new volunteer housing is complete. Don will be helping Yvan increase his power capacity for the new Hope Center. What a blessing it will be when the families of the school children will have a new and large worship center. Only God knows how many will be reached…

I loved every minute of my stay in Bayonnais!

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The people, the community, and your family.... I loved it!! The children there have completely stolen my heart.  Being able to spend time with Rosemond, and to have him share his compassion and love for the kids there, was invaluable!! One can completely see how much you and your family care about the people in this community, and I was honored to be a part of that! When we spoke on the phone, I told…

ICDM Update - Making A Difference

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I first met Phil and Verna Smith more than a dozen years ago, and we quickly became acquainted.  While I was visiting in their home one night, Phil told me that he had recently heard a message at his church that affected him deeply. “It’s time to get out of your comfort zone,” his pastor had challenged. “Move out of your comfort zone and make a difference for the sake of the gospel.” That message resonated…

I have just returned from Haiti from another exciting and fruitful trip!

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  Things didn't always go as planned but God was in it all the time and He made good out of bad situations.  He promised He would do just that, for people who put their trust in Him.  Our situations did not change but our ability to count it all joy was there. Defaulting to Jesus is where we want to be in our new walk! Our bus broke down in Port au Prince when we were picking up windows Yvan Pierre…

My Haitian Odyssey

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After 11 years, I finally said yes to my friend, Yvan Pierre, and visited his home country of Haiti. It took the 2010 earthquake to get me out the door, but I will never regret the journey.Seeing pictures and hearing stories is not the same as visiting the country in person. I had to go and see for myself. While in Haiti we ran a medical clinic, taught Sunday school classes, built shelving units, taught…