$30,000 to Build for the next 30 years

30 Years of Serving

It all began on an October day in 1989. Sitting with a few pupils under a mango tree, Francois Philippe began to teach them. This was a humble beginning for a ministry which now educates 800 pupils per year in two separate locations. Over the years, ICDM has changed the lives of thousands of young people, providing them with tremendous opportunities and changing the future of Haiti by education several generations of students.

Among our alumni are:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Mechanics
  • Business Leaders
  • Lawyers

All of them are helping to change the future of Haiti for the better.

Because we are a Christian ministry, we are not only educating children for a better life on earth; we are also introducing them to Jesus and training them for eternity.


An integral part of this ministry over the years has been the Center of Hope, the main building on ICDM’s Campus. After years of using improvised space, the first floor of the Center was completed in 2011. This floor houses the classrooms for students in grades K-6. In 2015, the second floor was completed. This floor receives grades 7-9 and provides a large room meeting space for school, church, and seminar events as well as accommodation for adult students from throughout Haiti who gather for ministry training in Bayonnais. We hope to complete the third and final floor of the Center of Hope by 2021. We will use this space to house visiting scholars and pastors, provide extra meeting space, and erect an array of solar panels for the generation of electricity.

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Will You Help?

In this 30th year of ICDM’s work in Bayonnais, Haiti, we invite you to celebrate with us by joining our “30 for 30” Campaign to complete the third and final floor of the Center of Hope. As its name implies, the Center for Hope is more than just a building, but a place where hope is born. Please join us in giving birth to hope.

The cost for completing comes in at around $30,000, using both local and volunteer labor. You can be a part of this great undertaking at any level that seems appropriate for your budget:

$1000 (30 gifts needed)
$500 (60 gifts needed)
$100 (300 gifts needed)
$10 (3000 gifts needed)


Please send your gift marked “30 for 30” to ICDM, PO Box 762, Intercession City, FL 33848. You may also give online through our website. If possible, please send your gift by September 30th, 2020 in time for the celebration of our 30th Anniversary.

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