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Continuing Hope!

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By Jesse McLainWhen I returned from Haiti last October, one of the first questions people asked me was, “How much progress has been made in the reconstruction?” – referring to the 2010 earthquake. The answer to this question is complex.Much cleanup and rebuilding has been done, but much more remains to be done. The loss of so many lives and the crippling injuries of so many more have permanently affected…

ICDM Leadership Training Conference

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Story and photos by Cathy Wallick Christian leaders from five Haitian states and many denominations came together January 16-20 for an ICDM Leadership Training Conference. Presented in cooperation with The Mission Society of Norcross, Georgia, the conference brought 65 Haitian and American men and women to join in community for five days of training. Throughout the week, participants saw the power…

Life Took a Different View

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While I was in Haiti with the Hope for Haiti mission team my whole outlook on life took a different view. We saw many come to Christ. But I became convinced that they not only need Christ but also need to learn how to live a more productive life. This is an opportunity for everyone to consider. Nutritionists, doctors, nurses, engineers, farmers—anyone can help! I’ve realized how good we have it here,…

ICDM: Moving Forward, Changing Lives

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Dear Friend:ICDM has been bringing hope and a future to the children of Haiti since October 1989. For twenty-two years, we have worked to educate, equip and empower children and adults in this poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. With the help of caring sponsors and generous donors, we continue to bring hope and restore human dignity to the people of Haiti.This year we have served 600 students…

Celebrate Hope

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They began arriving before dawn on October 7, and by six am they were ready to begin work. They were the 70 cement workers who mixed, carried, poured and finished the concrete for the second floor of the Center of Hope in Bayonnais. Organized into two teams and supervised by foremen and subcontractors, they soon had a lively competition going, spurred on throughout the day with singing, chanting and…

Continuing Hope

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One of the first questions I was asked when I returned from Haiti last week was “How much progress has been made in the reconstruction?” The answer is complex. While much has been done to clean up and rebuild following last year’s earthquake, much more remains to be done. The enormous loss of life and crippling injuries will permanently affect all of Haiti’s people, and the underlying poverty makes…

Neighborhood Yard Sale a Success!

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Thank you, dear friends of ICDM, for standing with us in bringing hope and a brighter future to Haitian children. You are helping to educate hundreds of children. You continue to make a difference. Please read Tim Carson’s comments below about the yard sale held in Lexington KY last weekend. –Yvan PierreOur latest Neighborhood Yard Sale was another great success! We received tons of donations – from…

Work progresses on Center of Hope

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Intercession City FL – ICDM director Yvan Pierre and a five-person work team from Pennsylvania travel to Bayonnais today to work on the Center of Hope construction, and will return home September 7.A team of eleven builders, eight from New Jersey and three from other areas, will join forces September 24 to October 1 to continue the Center of Hope construction.A third work team will is scheduled for…

2012 Hope for Haiti Team Bulletin

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The 2012 Hope for Haiti Team, led by team coordinator Verna Smith, will make a 16-day mission trip to Bayonnais January 21-February 6, 2012, flying from Miami to Port-au-Prince on Saturday, January 21, and returning to Miami on Monday, February 6. ICDM director Yvan Pierre and field coordinator Rosemond Pierre will meet the team in Port-au-Prince and travel with the team directly to Bayonnais.Already…